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American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene is an organization dedicated to advancing global health. Their website has health hints, educational tools about tropical diseases, and shares global health experiences.
AMSA Toolkit

A toolkit put together by the American Medical Student Association to help you choose a program for your international elective.

CACHA (Canadian Africa Community Health Alliance): University of Ottawa affiliated humanitarian foundation offering basic health care, HIV care and education in remote African communities. They have projects in Bénin, Gabon, Tanzania, and Uganda where there are opportunities for students, residents and health care providers to volunteer.
Canadian Federation of Medical Students

Canadian Federation of Medical Students website contains information on global health, on electives, and some documents about global health medical education. Some of the content is for members only.
Child Family Health International

Child Family Health International is an American non-profit that facilitates placements for health sciences students; a great resource to get ideas for your elective.

The Canadian International Development Agency’s (CIDA) website has information about Canada’s involvement in international development projects. There are country profiles and information about global issues.

The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) is a Crown corporation created by the Parliament of Canada. They are interested in researching how developing countries can use science and technology to promote “sustainable and equitable development in their regions.” Their site has country profiles and is a good place to get ideas for projects.
Medical Mission International

Medical Mission International is a Canadian not-for-profit, Christian organization. It links North American individuals, groups, and churches overseas to provide health and dental care as well as construction services.
Medical Missions

A free service that connects medical volunteers with medical mission trips. It is an American organization.
sBMJ Archive

An archive of medical students' global health experiences.

SWAP is a Canadian organization that coordinates opportunities for Canadian students to work or volunteer abroad.
Global health:
Health Partners International of Canada

Health Partners International of Canada (Partenaires Canadiens pour la Santé Internationale) is a Canadian not-for-profit relief and development organization. One of their primary aims is increasing access to medicine in the developing world. They provide medical professionals, who are doing clinic work abroad, with antibiotics and hospital supplies.

PATH is an American organization committed to improving the health of people around the world. Their core goals are advancing technologies, strengthening systems, and encouraging healthy behaviours. They have a whole section of resources in the section for Colleagues.

The World Health Organization’s website has information on all sorts of topics relating to global health. Information can be found by publication (international and regional), country, project, and health topic.
Travel abroad:
CIA World Factbook

The World Factbook has information on the history, people, government, economy, geography, and transitional issues of 266 countries.
Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s main page has links to Canadian offices abroad—consulates and embassies. The site also has country and regional information, specifically regarding relations with Canada and news updates.

A series of online learning modules about global health; pay special attention to the module “During Your Global Health Elective.”

Une série de modules éducatifs en ligne à propos de la santé mondiale; portez spécifiquement attention au module « During Your Global Health Elective ». Guidebook

This is online guidebook for medical students and residents about international health experiences. It covers a wide range of issues including: planning an elective, your health and safety, finances, and ethics.
Passport Canada

Information about obtaining or renewing a Canadian passport.
University College London Travel Guide

This guide from the University College London will increase your understanding of global health and situations you might face while on elective.
World Bank

The World Bank’s mission is to fight poverty. Their website features detailed country and project profiles.
Cultural competency:
Atlantic Council for International Cooperation

Atlantic Council for International Cooperation’s website has a resource section with guides on becoming globally focused, as well as an introduction to their project The South through the Northern Eye.
Centre for Interculture Learning

A department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, the Centre for Interculture Learning has information about cultures around the world, articles about different cultural experiences, and tips on developing cultural competency.
University of Minnesota’s Recommended Reading

This is a list of medical, fiction, and nonfiction books recommended by the University of Minnesota’s Global Health department.
Personal health and safety:
Emergency Contraception

This website has a database about emergency contraception around the world; it is searchable by country.
FAIT Travel

Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada’s travel website has travel reports and warnings by country, information about planning a trip, as well as the Registration of Canadians Abroad.
International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers

The International Association for Medical Assistance to Travellers (IAMAT) is an international non-profit that coordinates medical care, by qualified practitioners, for travellers abroad. Their well organized website has country-specific health advice. IAMAT sells treated bed nets at cost.
International Crisis Group

The International Crisis Group has region and country reports that analyze conflicts and crises abroad.
Preventing Insect Bites

A statement from Health Canada’s Committee to Advise on Tropical Medicine and Travel (CATMAT) about preventing arthropod (insects and arachnids) bites.

Public Health Agency of Canada

The Public Health Agency of Canada has information about travel health, including locations of travel clinics and yellow fever vaccination centres. They also have a guide to healthy international travelling.
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website has a section devoted to traveler’s health: vaccinations, food and water safety, and diseases related to travel (i.e. malaria and yellow fever). They also have country specific information and a guide for students going abroad.
Travel Health Help

You can order bed nets that have been treated with insecticide, as well as other useful supplies from this website. Travel Health Help provides information on choosing bed nets and information about diseases overseas travellers often face.
Blue Cross Canada

Blue Cross Canada offers travel health insurance. Their website also has information about why you should get travel health insurance.
ihi Bupa

ihi Bupa provides international health and travel insurance. They offer coverage for emergency evacuation and transfer to more suitable hospitals. Coverage can be purchased annually or for a single trip.
The Student Travel Centre

The Student Travel Centre as accessed through the University of Ottawa’s student health plan with Green Shield.

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