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Terms of Use

Guiding Principle

The Action Global Health Network is an interactive and collaborative tool designed for all those with an interest in global health in Ottawa and beyond.


AGHN: Action Global Health Network

Account: Any account created by an Action Global Health Network user, including user profile, project profiles and all other information published by the said user on the Action Global Health Network website.

User: Any person having created an account on the Action Global Health Network website.

User responsibility and commitment

Users accept and agree that they are responsible for information and content that they publish under their account on the AGHN website, and commit themselves to publishing valuable and appropriate content and agree to abide by the user code of conduct.

Rights of the Action Global Health Network

The AGHN reserves the right to remove content from a user account that is deemed inappropriate by the administrators, and further suspend users in violation of the Code of Conduct. The AGHN does not sponsor or endorse the content of a user account.

The user Code of Conduct requires users to:

  1. Create and use only one account and comply with restrictions related to this account.
  2. Prevent unauthorized access to their account, including use by friends, family or others; by using appropriate passwords and ensuring confidentiality of these at all times.
  3. Never impersonate any other person in the creation of an account.
  4. Ensure their accounts and content are only used for information related to Global Health.
  5. Never use accounts for personal commercial or financial benefit.
  6. Never publish obscene or pornographic material or any other material that is subject to applicable laws or regulations under provincial or federal law.
  7. Not ever make harassing phone calls or send unrelated or unsolicited e-mail to other users having provided contact information.
  8. Never use their account to try to gain unauthorized access to the AGHN website.
  9. Ensure the security of their account by regularly changing their password.
  10. Report inappropriate content to the system administrators.
  11. Comply with all copyright, trademarks and trade-name rights and licences of AGHN material.

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